Teen car accident


“Teen Car Accident Memoriam tells the stories of teenagers killed on American roads. We wish this memoriam didn’t exist. We wish these teen’s stories didn’t have to be told. We wish their lives were never taken. But until the #1 killer of teens is eliminated, we must continue to share the lessons learned in each car accident in the hope that other lives will be saved.”Thury Foster, Founder

2020 teen car accident fatalities

  • Kaniesha Sutton
  • Spencer Douglas
  • Dylan Delaney
  • Mackenzie Skye Wyatt
  • Leonardo Jubar Escalera Velarde
  • Christian Derek Martinez
  • Steve Aaron Tyler Freeman
  • Jonah Staebell
  • Zachary Howard
  • Sean Cottrell
  • Ashley LaFountain
  • Cordelia Sloan